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Financing Solutions for Commercial Litigants

Juris Capital provides creative solutions to financial challenges facing commercial litigants and law firms. For litigants, our capital can mitigate the high and often unpredictable cost of commercial litigation. We create new opportunities for law firms to enhance profitability through creative billing arrangements. Members of our team are among the most experienced in litigation finance.


Juris Capital brings financial stability to commercial litigation and arbitration. We help companies manage litigation risk, pursue meritorious claims despite the high cost of litigation, and reallocate capital to core business purposes. Litigation becomes a corporate asset.

We finance legal fees and expenses, deferring costs until the end of the litigation. Repayment of our investment depends upon the success of the litigation.

Commercial litigants use our capital to engage selective law firms that bill hourly, to continue costly litigation

and to monetize anticipated claim proceeds before or after judgment.


We help build more profitable and diverse practices. Our capital narrows the risk gap between hourly and success-based billing models. Law firms can build profitable alternative fee portfolios and resolve client delinquencies without terminating engagements.

Juris Capital helps traditional practices structure alternative fee engagements by lending funds on a non-recourse basis. By transferring a substantial amount of the associated risk, firms combine the revenue predictability of an hourly engagement with the upside potential of an alternative fee.

When clients are delinquent in paying fees or expenses, Juris Capital can pay receivables and provide additional capital to complete the litigation. We convert troubled relationships into profitable ones.


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